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Our Work

On this page we are pleased to show links to some of the recent web sites that we have created.

PoolClean CyprusPoolClean Cyprus is a site dedicated to the maintenance of your swimming pool. It also contains useful advice on solving a range of problems.




Lusigny Aviation

Lusigny Aviation is a Cyprus based consultancy offering a range of services to the aviation industry across the world.





Clean and SimpleClean and Simple is a Paphos based company offering property management services and general maintenance along with design and building of fences, pergolas etc.



PhotoFix Cyprus

PhotoFix Cyprus is one of our recent projects and involved a lot of work with photographs as well as the creation of the site and accompanying text.





Glenn Singleton Ltd

Glenn Singleton Ltd is one of our UK customers. In this case we were asked to redesign and update an existing single page site and optimise it for search engines.

The site is now regularly on the first Google search page.



FlatPack Cyprus

FlatPack Cyprus is one of our most recent designs.

For this we were also asked to create advertising copy to go in local magazines.








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